Washington is Totally Strozk’d

Would you trust this man? Would you trust the FBI that protects him? Does Sessions not even know Strozk still has above Top Secret clearance after Sessions said he didn’t? David Knight on what the testimony tells us about the current state of politics, DOJ & FBI.

Also: (David Knight) – UK Press Deflates Khan’s Ego

Multiple clips of interviewers & commentators exposing the Mayor of London for his hypocrisy & his failure to do anything about crime while he virtue signals the left with his #TrumpBabyBalloon.

Also: (David Knight) – From BREXIT to Bundy: Bureaucrats Vs The People

William Jasper joins David Knight to look the loss of due process, rigged courts with hidden evidence & mandatory minimums dictated by Washington. And what is common in the globalist agenda behind the attempted subversion of BREXIT & the political persecution of the Hammonds (recently pardoned) and the Bundys (recently dismissed).