After Trump’s Attack, Iraq Finally United…Against Us!

Yesterday President Trump ordered the assassination of senior Iraqi and Iranian military leaders in Baghdad, claiming without evidence that they were plotting against Americans in Iraq. While neocons and the media cheer the attack, no one seems interested in asking “what’s the end game”? Especially as Iraq now urgently wants US troops out of the country. Is Trump going to go to war with Iraq (again) AND Iran?
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President Trump is swallowing the neocon line on the Iraqi protests at the US embassy in Baghdad, blaming the whole incident on Iran. Suddenly everyone who doesn’t want the US military to continue to occupy Iraq – nearly 17 years after an invasion based on lies – is an “Iranian proxy.” Will Trump continue to take the neocon bait and stumble his way into a war on Iran? Starting a war based on neocon lies is likely the only thing that would prevent his re-election. Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Weekly Update – Should Racists Get Health Care?

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On Sunday, US F-15s attacked facilities in Iraq and Syria, claiming it was retaliation for an alleged Iraqi Shi’a militia attack on an Iraqi military base. The US, naturally, blames Iran. No evidence was given and Iran denied involvement, but the Iraqi government strongly condemned what they called a US violation of their sovereignty. Is the US going back to war against Iraq to get to Iran? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Ron Paul’s 2019 Year in Review

Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams take a look back at a really productive 2019 in the liberty movement. Contrary to the wishes of the warmongers and control freaks, the voices for peace and prosperity got a little louder this year. We at the Ron Paul Institute and the Ron Paul Liberty Report have had some great achievements as well.