“Artificial Intelligence” — The Good & The Bad

Artificial Intelligence” is a tool, and tools can be used for good and for bad. Central planners think AI is a key to a man-made utopia — It certainly isn’t. As with all challenges that we face with any kind of man-made tools, it comes to how much centralization and concentration of power that exists. The greater the centralization, the greater the dangers. “Artificial Intelligence” is yet another reason why it would be wise to decentralize power and speak out for a limited government with limited powers.
See Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Sy Hersh: Zelensky’s Pocketing Our Money!

Seymour Hersh is back with another blockbuster investigative report, this time showing that not only is the Ukrainian government outrageously corrupt – right up to Zelensky himself – but that the CIA is well-aware of it and isn’t at all bothered. Hundreds of millions are being stolen from American taxpayers, Hersh writes, and the Biden Administration could not care less. Also today, US sanctions Hungary – its own ally! And: DC think tanks furious that Syria is making peace with its neighbors.

Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – House Dems To Biden: ‘Hands Off Assange!’

A group of House Democrats have sent a letter to the Biden Administration demanding that all charges be dropped against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Yesterday marked his fourth year being held in the notorious Belmarsh prison in the UK, awaiting extradition to the US. In Australia and New Zealand a similar cry for his release is coming up from politicians of all stripe. Also today: FBI infiltrating Catholic Churches? Say it aint so! Finally: White House to media: ‘shut up about the leaks!’

Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Lindsey Graham: ‘Let’s Fight China!’

In a Sunday interview, Sen. Lindsey Graham said he believes the US should be willing to go to war with China over Taiwan. “I would be willing to fight for Taiwan,” Graham said. Of course he wouldn’t be doing the fighting… Also today: US sends more war ships right up to Chinese territory. Finally: Macron has a De Gaulle-ian epiphany in China and the neocons are freaking out.