Battle Over Idlib – Pompeo Versus Trump

resident Trump’s Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is driving the US closer to war with Russia over Turkey’s land grab in northern Syria. While Trump talks about removing US troops from the Middle East, Pompeo has turned his State Department into a second White House and second Pentagon to launch his own foreign policy. Will Trump continue to allow Pompeo to run the show?
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After a “Super Tuesday 2” campaign update from Ron Paul, today’s program looks at yet more US military deaths in Iraq. The 17 year war continues to take US (and Iraqi) lives even after the Iraqi parliament voted this year to remove foreign troops from Iraqi soil. What are they fighting for? Does anyone know?
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Ron Paul on the warfare/welfare state…
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In yet another example of President Trump continuing the bad policies of President Obama, the Administration announced it would grant $125 million in new anti-artillery radar and military patrol ships to Ukraine. Maybe a military distraction will take minds off of rocky financial waters and a coronavirus that has the world in a panic?
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Close observers of the un-constitutional and immoral Federal Reserve realize that there is trouble in the central planners paradise. As happens with all attempts at trying to micromanage the world, the point is finally reached where the micromanagers are completely overwhelmed by problems of their own making. When the final story of The Fed is written, it will be no different than the unnecessary and foolish central planning schemes of the past.