Endless Empire? Despite Peace Deal US To Remain In Afghanistan

Those hoping for a US withdrawal from Afghanistan after 18 years of pointless war and a new peace deal with the Taliban are going to be disappointed. According to press reports, the US will be keeping more troops in Afghanistan than it is removing. Will 8,000 troops in country achieve what 100,000 could not achieve just a few years ago? What’s the point of the war? Does anyone know?
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The US Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford, is so over-budget and riddled with errors that it’s practically useless. Never is it asked whether we need such a ship for the defense of this country. It is about spending and maintaining steady growth in the defense industry. Our own safety and security are completely irrelevant to the military spending juggernaut. And it’s not just this carrier… Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Forget the Russians – It’s the Federal Reserve Seeking to Meddle in Our Elections The Fed is political. Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Record High Military Suicides Continue – What’s The Real Cause?

The Pentagon has unveiled a new plan to combat record high military suicides, including more government bureaucracy and record-collecting. But is the US government missing the real point on military suicides? Are they so determined to treat the symptoms that they are blind to the cause? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Beware (And Prepare): The American Empire Is Collapsing

When empires fall, they do not go down gracefully. The collapse is sudden and the consequences are permanent. Like the schoolyard bully who is finally defeated, his former victims and enemies revel in his fall. The US empire is now teetering on such a collapse. The signs are all around us. Aggressive US foreign policy, self-destructive monetary policy that debases the currency and hides inflation, a monstrous national and individual debt load. The writing is on the wall and the wise are preparing. What can we do? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Delusions of Grandeur: Socialism Is A Fool’s Errand

It’s hard enough to plan and manage one’s own individual life, is it not? It’s foolish to think you can even plan the life of another single individual…You can’t!…But to believe that you can plan the lives of hundreds of millions of people? This is a complete fantasy! Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Dudley Picks A Fight With Trump: ‘The Fed Can Sink Your Re-Election’

The Federal Reserve should not exist. This week, ex-NY Fed President Bill Dudley picked a fight with President Trump, insinuating that the Fed can sink Trump’s re-election. Central planning is an absolute failure that has financed the growth of the biggest government on Earth! Sound money (not monopolized money by government) must make its return. It’s time to End The Fed. Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Red Flag: 70% Of Americans Are Furious With US Politicians & Wall Street

According to a new NBC/WSJ poll, some 70 percent of Americans are as furious with the ruling class as they were in the run-up to Trump’s election four years ago. While they feel satisfied with the current state of the economy, they feel Washington and Wall Street are running roughshod over the rest of America. How will this sentiment affect the coming presidential election? The economy? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – A First Class Trade War With China: Who Goofed?

Whether it’s a trade war or military war, or both, there are no real winners. Just scores of losers. President Trump unilaterally launched this unnecessary trade war with China. Congress, as has become tradition in America, was not consulted. Taxes were raised on American consumers, who pay the tariffs, by presidential decree. Nothing good has, or will, come of this. Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Weekly Update – Who Are The Real Extremists?

Yes, there are some extremists who need to be dealt with… Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Where Does Gold Go From Here? — Ron Paul’s Prediction

The United States has become the poster child for why governments and central banks should never, EVER, be granted a monopoly on creating money. Gold has been the ultimate money for approximately 6,000 years and the U.S. government has proved, without a question of doubt, as to why this is so. Gold is not money do to any man-made laws. Gold is money despite man-made laws, and is a product of the voluntary marketplace. Ron Paul has some predictions for gold that you don’t want to miss.