GDP Crash! V-Shaped Recovery or ‘Greater’ Depression? Who’s To Blame?

The economic bad news hit hard this week with the GDP crashing 33% in the second quarter. The tyrannical lockdowns have produced the steepest economic collapse since 1947. The fallout from Americans sacrificing their liberties to government power is overwhelming. With suicides, drug overdoses, a doubling in domestic violence, and tens of millions unemployed, two things should come to everyone’s mind: “Look what they’ve done!” and “Americans should never sacrifice their liberties again!”
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Dr. Fauci is back in the limelight where he likes to be. In a recent ABC interview he informs Americans that if they “really want 100 percent protection” they should not only wear masks, but also goggles on their eyes. Will he be recommending space suits next week? Also in today’s Liberty Report: With the latest Depression-level drop in US GDP, the real costs of the lockdown are becoming evident. Poverty, hunger, and more death will continue the foolish policy of shutting down the US economy instead of protecting the vulnerable. Plus, Are The Netherlands, Sweden, Mumbai, and Afghanistan all on the right track?
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A viral video made by medical professionals opposing the prevailing mainstream view of how to manage the coronavirus outbreak was nearly sent down the memory hole in an effort seemingly coordinated by all social media outlets. Why are alternate scientific views held by bona fide scientists not allowed in the United States? Also in today’s Liberty Report: Suicides versus Covid; Vietnam versus Sweden; Senate comes to the rescue? Tune in…and subscribe to the channel!
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – From Sweden To Uruguay The Evidence Is Clear: Lockdown ‘Cure’ Worse Than The Disease

While much of the world imposed strict population lockdowns in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the pressure on countries (and even US states) to conform to the lockdown demands was intense. But a few counties broke from the pack and now the results are in: not only did they not experience a cataclysm, they fared better in both cases and deaths than the lockdown countries. And they have economies to return to once the virus runs its course, which it is doing according to the history of viruses. Also today: Fauci’s “not concerned” by potential dangers of the Covid vaccine. Should the rest of us be?
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Ron Paul on the latest Fed scheme…
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The director of the World Health Organization has warned that we can never go back to normal after the coronavirus outbreak that has killed approximately 650,000 worldwide. But every year the normal flu kills about that many…so why the lockdowns and forced masks and destruction of the economy for this one? What is the real agenda behind this mass hysteria? Also today – as the Sun Belt “spike” continues to fade, what will be the next tyrant move to terrify – and terrorize – the population? And finally, Cuomo’s attack on chicken wings.
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Will King Dollar Be Overthrown?

The Fed is counterfeiting trillions of dollars. The government has created mass unemployment and is spending way beyond what it takes from us in taxes. While the livelihoods of the American citizens are destroyed, government refuses to shrink. More promises that can’t be kept are being made. Gold is starting its engines and heading to record highs. Are the ideas of omnipotent government and central planning finally on their way out?
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Remember Libya? The country “liberated” by Obama and Hillary? Nine years later the country remains destroyed, with the remains being picked apart by warlords and slave traders. Turkey, an enthusiastic supporter of the 2011 invasion, is making its move to snatch Libyan oil. Neighboring Egypt says, “not so fast.” The world is distracted by disappearing coronavirus while a major war is brewing. Also in today’s Report, Texas Covid updates, W.H.O. hires corrupt PR firm, and more…
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – US Expels China From Houston Consulate. Is Pompeo Pushing To Spark China War?

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in the UK yesterday, blaming China for the spread of the coronavirus and suggesting it was a purposeful move on the part of Beijing. Further, in an incredible escalation, the US State Department has demanded that China evacuate its consulate in Houston, TX. Meanwhile, US Defense Secretary Esper is threatening more US military for the South China Sea. Also in today’s Report: Ron Paul’s headlines and new Covid updates…
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Scandal In St. Louis! Couple Face Felony Charges For Defending Their Home!

A couple in St. Louis will face felony charges in their much-photographed defense of their home in a private, gated and locked community as BLM and other protesters broke through the gates and moved toward the couple’s home. Justice…or an attack on property rights and the Second Amendment. Plus in today’s Report: More threats to jail Covid-19 positive cases if they resist house arrest. Also – what happened on June 14th that led to the massive spike in “cases”?
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Covid spike…or propaganda spike?
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Everybody is talking about yesterday’s Chris Wallace interview with President Trump. Many in the mainstream media are praising Wallace’s forceful, even combative tone. And Fox News did “real time” fact checking of Trump’s claims. But beyond the blows exchanged, is Trump starting to understand how his opponents are using Covid as a tool of political warfare? Plus in today’s program: even with his wings clipped, Anthony Fauci is still spouting off in the media – did New York really do the best of any state on Covid? Plus more Covid updates – has the Sun Belt spike burned itself out?
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Government propaganda is super-abundant in America. When it comes to money, Americans are expected to never contemplate a single thought about gold as the ultimate money. For thousands of years, countless civilizations around the world have used gold and silver for their economic transactions. Gold is the money of the marketplace that always ends up trumping the fiat money of governments. Gold will outlast The Fed, and the time to start thinking about it is now!
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Explosive new information has revealed how President Trump in 2018 signed a presidential intelligence finding that gave the CIA unprecedented leeway to conduct secret warfare against Washington’s declared enemies. Then-CIA director Mike Pompeo was handed a blank check to attack even foreign charities and news outlets. Plus in today’s program: The ongoing US war against the Nordstream pipeline and coronavirus hysteria raised to unprecedented levels.
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – One Party State: Washington Unites To Block Trump Afghan Troop Withdrawal

When it comes to foreign policy and war (among other things) there are not two opposing political parties in Washington. Both Republicans and Democrats desperately cling to the warfare state as their ideological and economic lifeblood. That is why Congress is using a bizarre trick to attempt to block President Trump’s plan to remove US troops from its longest war in history (Afghanistan). Plus in today’s program: The HUGE scandal in Florida’s Covid testing!!!
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – OSHA Covering Up Face Mask Danger?

Why hasn’t US Occupational Safety and Health Administration bothered to do any testing on the potential negative effects of mandatory workplace face masks? An increasing number of individuals have tested C02 level build-up inside masks using OSHA-approved equipment and the results have been concerning. Why doesn’t OSHA take the time to either disprove or confirm whether it is safe for face masks to be mandated on workers? Plus in today’s program: corruption in Covid testing across the country and another look at the big hype over new “cases” in Texas and Florida.
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How the Fed steals from the poor and gives to the rich…
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Sunbelt Covid ‘Spike’ – Just A Lot Of Hot Air?

The scare headlines are screaming: record spike in “cases” in Arizona, Texas, and Florida! Other states are mandating face masks even where deaths and the death rate continues to decline. New York City has for the first time since March reported zero Covid deaths. So…is there anything to this “spike” in the Sun Belt? Is the hype justified?
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Washington is a land of delusions. One side creates delusions about Coronavirus, while the other side creates delusions about the economy. Politicians of all stripes are so desperate to keep their house of cards together that they’re putting their faith in Federal Reserve counterfeiting. The era of government omnipotence is ending.
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Virus…Or Politics? Houston Democrat Mayor Cancels Texas GOP Convention

Houston’s Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner heaped praise on the recent George Floyd protests, which drew tens of thousands of people tightly packed into the city. He even addressed the crowd. Coronavirus was no problem, the protests were too important. Yesterday Mayor Turner cancelled the Texas state Republican Party convention, which was to be held in Houston and would bring in a tiny fraction of the numbers of those who attended the Floyd protest. The mayor’s reason to cancel the Republican Party convention? Coronavirus! Is this really about public health…or is it something else?
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Should We Trust The Covid Tests?

Media and politicians are using the reported massive increase in positive Covid test results to call for another US lockdown. Meanwhile there are increasing doubts as to the accuracy of the tests. New Jersey is mandating masks and two Texas counties are threatening felony charges against those with positive tests who do not stay home. Are these fears justified? Has the continuing decline of Covid deaths become meaningless?
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The rule “first do no harm” appears to have been thrown out the window in the response to the 2019 coronavirus outbreak. Some studies suggest that for every “Covid” death there could be 29 deaths due to the lockdowns worldwide. Famine, depression, suicide, untreated illnesses – all of these may overshadow Covid as the killer of the year. Plus in today’s program: Fauci says we’re “knee-deep in the first wave,” the New England Journal of Medicine suggests just suspending any worker who refuses the coronavirus vaccine, and Texas mask “mandates” explained.
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Ron Paul on that “Texas Covid Spike”…
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – They’re Lying About Covid…Yet The Fear-Filled Public Still Believes

The daily death count has morphed into the daily “new case” count, as 100,000 tests a day have exploded into 700,000 tests. Is it a wonder cases are increasing? But what they don’t dare mention is that deaths and even the death rate continue to decline. In fact the CDC warns that Covid is at the stage where it cannot even be classified an epidemic due to declining deaths. Still, more masks are required and petty dictators all around are calling for a return to lockdown. Can the truth ever be heard above all the lies?