Patriot Act At 19 Years – Time To Pull The Plug?

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Three provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act are set to expire on March 15th and many in Congress are scrambling to keep government surveillance of innocent Americans alive. Others are pushing for reform. We are pushing for euthanasia. Today we look at what is expiring and what is likely to be done about it.

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After a brief discussion of yesterday’s “Super Tuesday” and what it may mean for the markets, today’s Liberty Report will look into yet another round of US interference in the nine year war in Syria. While the Trump Administration has thus far avoided direct engagement with Russian and Syrian troops, yesterday a US official illegally crossed into Syria to announce a hundred million dollars in US aid. Earlier the US announced it would be sending more weapons to the Turks, who are embedded with al-Qaeda in Idlib province. As before, these weapons will end up in the hands of al-Qaeda.
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Will the just-signed Afghanistan deal mean a rapid US departure (after 19 years of war)? What about the “secret annexes” that Pompeo has admitted are in the agreement? How long will the US-backed Afghanistan government hold without US troops?
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More Fed crimes…
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When Turkey found itself in a bit of trouble in Idlib, Syria last week – a Syrian army advance had taken back much of the province and a Syrian air force strike had killed Turkish soldiers embedded with jihadist fighters – Ankara signaled to Washington that it needed help, including Patriot Missile batteries on Turk soil. The response was cool from the Pentagon, but Pompeo’s State Department is all for it – even if it means war with Russia and Iran.
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The Fed has created the biggest artificial financial bubble to ever exist. Every bubble is necessarily followed by a proportional financial crisis. Black Swan events (like Coronavirus) often act as the fuse. The major headlines always keep the focus on the Black Swan events. The Ron Paul Liberty Report is here to keep the focus where it belongs: The Federal Reserve.
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For the first time in 17 years, US troops are moving back to Prince Sultan Airbase in Saudi Arabia. The troops were removed in 2003 because they were serving as a recruiting tool for al-Qaeda. The Trump Administration claims they are returning to “deter” Iran…but are they telling the truth?