Pompeo Claims Iran Broke Nuclear Deal – Is He Lying?

As Iran exceeds limits on its stockpile of enriched nuclear material, the Trump hawks are screeching that Iran has broken the JCPOA nuclear agreement. They don’t want Americans to know that Iran’s reaction to the initial breach of agreement by the US is legal under the terms of the deal.
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So-called “help” from government leads to crisis, which leads to more calls for “help,” and even bigger crisis! The student debt catastrophe is a picture-perfect example of this mentality in action. Government “help” created the problem and calls for more government “help” will make things exponentially worse! Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Trump Meets Kim In North Korea – Why Are The Democrats Hysterical?

President Trump made history over the weekend as the only US president to set foot in North Korean territory. After, he held talks with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un for about an hour. Rather than point out the benefits of diplomacy over saber-rattling, however, Democrat leaders and candidates as well as the media slammed the president’s move. Do they have a point, or is Trump actually pursuing peace? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Weekly Update – Media and Politicians Ignore Oncoming Financial Crisis

The media and politicians may not be paying attention, but that won’t stop the coming crisis. Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Trump In A Box: Iran Demands Right To Enrich ‘To Any Level’

President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal continues to backfire, as he is discovering that the other side can also exert “maximum pressure.” With the US out of the deal but still demanding a right to dictate the terms to those who remain in the deal, Iran is exercising its right within the deal to suspend abiding by the terms if other parties do the same. Where will this lead? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – What’s Ron’s Favorite Part Of The Declaration Of Independence?

With all the white noise on July 4th – tanks and flyovers, speeches – it can be easy to forget exactly what we are celebrating. In this special edition of the Liberty Report, Ron Paul explains his favorite part of the Declaration and why…