Ron Paul Classic: My Battle Against the Fed

We hope you enjoy Ron Paul’s speech from the 2010 Mises Institute Conference at Jekyll Island, Georgia.
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Happy Thanksgiving from Ron Paul and the Liberty Report. What are the myths about the first Thanksgiving and the early settlers to what became the United States? What are Ron and Daniel thankful for? Tune in to today’s special edition of the Liberty Report… Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Against The Left: With Lew Rockwell

Lew Rockwell joins Ron Paul in the studio for a very special edition of the Ron Paul Liberty Report! Leftist ideas – beginning in the French Revolution – have been a source of murderous and violent events. Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Should Navy Seal Gallagher Be Punished…Or Honored?

President Trump’s robust intervention on behalf of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher has drawn widespread criticism, even and especially among members of the military. Should he be honored with the right to keep his status as a SEAL, as Trump contends, or does military discipline demand that war crimes be punished? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Weekly Update – The Real Bombshell of the Impeachment Hearings

There was a bombshell at the impeachment hearings. But the media did not report it. Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Scandal! UN Officials Faked Syria Gas ‘Attack’ Report!

A startling development in the alleged gas attack in Douma, Syria in April, 2018: Whistleblowing inspectors from the OPCW – the UN Agency that investigated the attack – have come forward to claim that the original report has been doctored and distorted to falsely blame the Syrian government. Will the mainstream media touch this scandal with a ten foot pole? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Obama on Wealth Inequality: In Total Denial of His Contribution

This week, former-President Obama expressed his thoughts on the drastic wealth inequality of modern times. Of course, the tremendous contribution of the Obama Administration to crony wealth was not mentioned. Obama also warned the current Democratic presidential candidates about their extreme promotion of Socialism. This and more on today’s Liberty Report!