Ron Paul Classic: Socialism & War Will Not Prevail

We hope you enjoy this 2016 speech that was delivered at a Mises Institute even held in Houston, TX.
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The legend returns! World famous trends analyst Gerald Celente once again joins the Ron Paul Liberty Report to let us know what he is seeing in store for us in 2020. War? Famine? Who will win the election? You won’t want to miss this one! Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Lying About Inflation Won’t Make It Go Away

Politicians are notorious for being professional liars. They lie about wars, the economy, about other politicians, foreign leaders, following the Constitution. Would it be a stretch for them to lie about inflation too? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – From Baghdad To Seoul, World Increasingly Sours On Hosting US Troops

The Trump Administration’s inability to reach an agreement for the basing of 28,000 troops in South Korea highlights an increasing phenomenon across the US military empire: as the cost of US “protection” keeps going up, the value of that protection – in the eyes of the “protected” – seems to keep going down. Baghdad increasingly desires a US departure as well… Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Impeachment Vote Today: Constitutional Duty Or Political Farce?

The Democrat-controlled US House of Representatives is expected to vote for two articles of impeachment against President Trump today and the articles are expected to die in the Republican-controlled Senate. Is Congress doing its Constitutional duty to remove a president abusing his power and obstructing Congress, or is this a prosecution in search of a crime? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Saudi Attack At Pensacola: Why Did Pentagon Vetting Fail?

Three died and eight were injured when a Saudi military officer went on a shooting spree at a Pensacola, Florida airbase. The Pentagon insists Saudi military officers are properly vetted, but they are revisiting their vetting process anyway. Maybe vetting is not the real issue…? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Weekly Update — Afghanistan War – The Crime of the Century

“We were devoid of a fundamental understanding of Afghanistan. We didn’t know what we were doing.” So said Gen. Douglas Lute, who oversaw the US war on Afghanistan under Presidents Bush and Obama. Eighteen years into the longest war in US history, we are finally finding out, thanks to thousands of pages of classified interviews on the war published by the Washington Post last week, that General Lute’s cluelessness was shared by virtually everyone involved in the war.