Ron Paul On Assange Trial & US Empire

We have a big interview for you this week. Ron Paul came on the show to discuss the multitude of corrupt practices that hold up the USA. Lee and Paul discuss the military industrial complex, the impending economic collapse, and the persecution of Julian Assange. But before the interview Lee opens the show with fear mongering stories from the New York Times. He goes paper shredding on their coverage of the Coronavirus and a patently false story about how Bernie Sanders isn’t bringing new voters into the Democratic party. Anders Lee finishes off the show by fact checking the fact checkers on one of the many stupid stories our corporate chooses to focus on instead of discussing important issues. Michael Bloomberg’s campaign released a video that had been altered with cricket sounds after he made the comment that he was the only candidate on the stage who had started a business. So were there crickets on stage? There are two answers: No and “Why are you wasting your time with this story?”