The Counterfeit Society Is Heading Towards A Horrendous Disaster

Counterfeit money produces a counterfeit economy. A counterfeit economy is bolstered by counterfeit news. All of this leads to a counterfeit society, and America’s counterfeit society is heading towards a horrendous disaster. You should know about sound money. It’s the only way out.
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The US House will vote today on a Democrat-introduced resolution limiting the President’s ability to wage war on Iran without Congressional approval. Is this finally a sign that the Legislative Branch is taking up its Constitutional obligations? Or is this just more partisan show-boating? Also: (Ron Paul) – Conservative Vets Group: ‘Bring Our Troops Home!’ With Dan McKnight

A conservative veterans group dedicated to bringing US troops home from pointless overseas conflicts is making waves in the Republican Party. Bring Our Troops Home founder Dan McKnight joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss their recent successes in heavily red states. Also: (Ron Paul) – Iraq ‘Pull-Out’ Letter: Mistake…Or More Deception?

How could a “draft letter” from the US CENTCOM to the Iraqi leadership announcing the US withdrawal from Iraq have mysteriously leaked to the media yesterday? Is operational security so shattered that what must be a highly classified document can just drop from the sky? Or is there something else behind it? Also: (Ron Paul) – Weekly Update – Why I Don’t Trust Trump on Iran

Ron Paul is not buying it…