The Drug War Fuels Neocon Foreign Policy

RPI Director Daniel McAdams opens the Ron Paul Institute’s “Winning the War on the War on Drugs” conference last month with a short discussion of how the “regime changers” use the drug war to drum up support for interventionist US policies abroad.
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Who’s really responsible for all the civilians who die in unnecessary US wars overseas? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Right On Cue…The ‘New ISIS Threat’ In Afghanistan

Afghanistan – the “good war” that never ends. Just when it seemed the US was making progress toward ending the longest war in its history, a new bad guy has emerged that, we are told, is far more threatening than the guys we’ve been fighting for 20 years. Forget the Taliban! We have to stay in Afghanistan to fight ISIS! Meanwhile, Trump has dropped more bombs on Afghanistan this year alone than Obama’s average over five years. War is good for business. Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – The State Department’s War On Americans Against War On Iran

In an unfolding scandal you won’t much hear about in the mainstream media, the US State Department has been caught funding NGOs that are attacking Americans who express opposition to the neocon policy of confrontation with Iran. This is beyond just propaganda and into the realm of actual attacks – exactly the tactics the US decries in authoritarian regimes overseas. Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Persian Gulf Tanker Attack: Iran Guilty? False Flag? Cui Bono?

Just as the prime minister of Japan was in an historic visit to Iran (the first since the 1979 revolution), a Japanese-owned tanker (and one other) was attacked in the Persian Gulf. US neocons are pointing the finger at Iran. Does it make sense to attack Japan in the midst of productive talks? Will the propaganda machine ramp up war talk? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – The Empire’s Ending In Moral & Financial Bankruptcy – Is Pompeo Lying Again?

America was never meant to be an Empire. Liberty and Empire are mutually exclusive. But alas the road of Empire was taken long before any of us were born, and it has been in steady decline for the last 50 years. Empires always end in a melange of moral and financial bankruptcy. America is following this script to the letter. Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Revisiting Ron Paul’s 1988 Case for Drug Legalization – RPI Houston Conference

RPI Senior Fellow Adam Dick takes another look at Ron Paul’s groundbreaking 1988 treatise on why all drugs should be legalized. Speech is from RPI’s May 2019 conference “Winning the War on the War on Drugs.” Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Credibility Crisis: No One Believes Pompeo On Iran Attack

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s rush to judgement that Iran was behind the apparent attacks on two tanker ships last week has not galvanized world opinion against Iran, as the neocons hoped. Instead, it was met with high skepticism even among Washington’s closest allies. Has the neocon practice of massively exaggerating and endlessly issuing threats finally destroyed US credibility on the world stage?