The End of The Insanity is Near – Will a $15 Minimum Wage Save Us?

Once government intervention into the lives of the citizens, it eventually turns into an addiction. In America, the addiction to government intervention began a century ago. Today, the government intervenes into just about every aspect of a citizen’s life. The focus is always on the superficial and the immediate. Long-term consequences aren’t even considered. Well, the long-term has arrived and the consequences are bad.
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Top Biden Administration Covid advisor Tony Fauci is back to warn Americans that “now is not the time” to get together with friends to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. He said the same about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. He warned of a “dark winter” if people didn’t do as he told them. They did not, but meanwhile new Covid cases in the US continue to plummet. Also today: new CDC director says teachers do not need to be forced to take the vaccine for schools to open. Congress votes to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments. And AOC feels the heat after questions arise about her dramatic “insurrection” story.’
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Should ‘Conspiracy Theory’-Believing Members Of Congress Be Expelled?

There are growing demands – especially among Democrats – to expel Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from Congress over reports that she believes or endorses “conspiracy theories” such as the “Q” conspiracy theory and others. Should Members who endorse conspiracy theories be kicked out? What is a conspiracy theory and how many Members have endorsed such theories in the past? How many times have conspiracy theories been used to drag the US into wars?
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Weekly Update – Libertarian Terrorists?

The idea that libertarianism creates terrorists is absurd. Libertarians support the non-aggression principle, so they reject using force to advance their political goals. They rely instead on peaceful persuasion.
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – CDC Now Demands TWO Masks – Science…Or Tyranny?

According to CNN, the CDC is demanding that people wear two masks when on public transport. Failure to comply could result in prosecution according to the news report. Is there any science behind it? Dr. Fauci surprisingly provides the answer. Also today: lockdown protests grow in Europe, lockdowns and cancer treatment, and Governor DeSantis shows how it’s done.
Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Government Unhinged: No Constitutional Restraints, Just Executive Orders!

In just 9 days, President Biden has signed a record 40 executive orders, actions and directives. This is a far cry from the schoolbook instructions on “How a bill becomes a law.” Is this what “our democracy” has come to mean? The stroke of a pen? Where’s the U.S. Constitution?