Weekly Update – Emergencies Do Not Trump The Constitution

Using “national emergencies” to rule by diktat is an old and unfortunate tradition among U.S. presidents. It is also unconstitutional.
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The Trump/Kim summit begins tomorrow, their second round of meetings. Expectations are high – unrealistic. The neocons and the liberal “resistance” will slam any give-and-take as Trump capitulation. If the war is declared over or significant progress is made, would Trump not be more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than Barack “Bombs Away” Obama? Also: (Dr. Ron Paul) – Trump Talks Peace With Taliban – Will Neocons Go Nuts?

While all eyes are on the Trump/Kim talks in Hanoi, the US Administration is continuing peace talks with Afghanistan’s Taliban in Qatar. Will the US withdraw all troops from Afghanistan in exchange for Taliban promises to keep fighting ISIS and al-Qaeda?