Daily Seismic activity across Pacific, Asia, Europe, and Americas

September 16th, 2018 – Dutchsinse

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NO forecasts going forward unless permissions are granted from the public agencies which wrote I , Michael “dutchsinse” Janitch, am not qualified to interpret seismic, or volcanic data, and who wrote that my claims on forecasting (prediction as they called it) are quote ‘false’.

I categorically deny all these false charges, but I accept that this is their final answer, as well as accept that my findings have been thrown out for good, will never be accepted.

The point of doing the forecasts was to help people around the world understand areas which may move next seismically speaking, but at this point the agencies have stated that they feel Im causing problems around the world instead of helping.

Therefore, as they are the authorities placed over me by God himself, I must submit to their false charges, while I deny their accusations in full. They have declared what I am doing is false, and causing people problems around the world. Because they are the authority, I must cease doing any earthquake forecasting, as well as cease doing any reporting on earthquakes or volcanoes, they wrote (in addition to forecasting) I am not qualified to interpret any of the seismic or volcanic data as well.

This was all put in writing by multiple governments around the world over the past 8 weeks — starting July 17, 2018 on the public USGS social media pages ran by the government of the United States.