Earthquake activity spreading – Unrest across West Coast US – Be Prepared

Dutchsinse – April 6th, 2020 – Remember, don’t be scared – be prepared!
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A noteworthy M4.9 (M5.0) earthquake with swarm has struck in Southern California, within the warned area by the expected magnitude.
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A large M6.5 earthquake has struck in Central Idaho , across the Challis region , above the center of the magma chamber for Yellowstone supervolcano. Be ready for a spread of activity this week to occur across the edge of the North American Craton , a marked increase should take place in the areas mentioned in this video including Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Mississippi , Virginia , New York, Maine, New Brunswick, and Southeast Quebec.

I would expect at least upper M3.0 to possibly upper 4.0 to spread across the Eastern edge of the North American craton, as well as upper 4.0 to near 5.0 level in Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas.

California separately should be receiving the same size (upper M4.0 to M5.0) in at least 3 locations including Eureka, Long Valley and North LA to Ridgecrest (maybe also a 4th in the creeping section of the San Andreas South of San Francisco North of Parkfield CA.

Hopefully I’m wrong on every point. Last thing we need right now quite frankly, but there it is….

Don’t be scared, be prepared. Much love again.

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The largest earthquake in years has struck in Idaho in the Pacific Northwest United States. The event struck on the edge of the craton at a time where we were looking for a M6.5 to strike along the coast of Washington.

This is the earthquake we were looking for.. the exact magnitude (M6.5) in the region expected (pacific northwest). Expect new large activity in the M5.0 range across 3 areas of California, as well as upper 4.0 to near 5.0 activity across Colorado, Oklahoma, and in Missouri (new madrid swarm expected). East Coast Virginia and New York due for noteworthy activity as well.

This is double go time. First for the shelter in place we are all experiencing, and 2nd for this new seismic activity spreading across the plate.

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A round of hefty earthquake activity has spread from the West Pacific Northward into the Kamchatka peninsula. Furthermore a large M5.0 earthquake has struck the Texas oil and gas pumping operations. This update was hit several times while I was live, shutting off google earth AND my home internet while I was showing oil wells.

The whole episode was recorded live, and is uncut with all the shutdowns included.

Enjoy !

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