Hawaii Volcano eruption — New “puff emissions” every 2 min @ Kilauea

Published on Jul 14th, 2018 – A steady beat of a new drum has developed at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii (currently July 14, 2018 for the time being).

Approximately every 2 minutes, a new volcanic “puff emission” is taking place from the bottom of the collapsed crater near the “center” of the collapsed pit.

The regular couple minute interval of the puff emissions is a sign of magma resurging below the greater caldera at Kilauea.

This may only be temporary, or may be a sign of a return of magma coming back up below Kilaueas greater collapsed caldera.

Puff emissions are generated by a buildup of volcanic gas + heat, which then punches through any debris or bedrock, releasing via puffs of steam and gas at the surface .. usually occurring inside already collapsed craters.

Puff emissions are sometimes a sign of a coming eruption within weeks or less.

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