RE: Susan Wojcicki + Wikipedia “conspiracies” – WIKIPEDIA proved wrong on HAARP weather modification

Susan Wojcicki, you’ve made the decision as CEO to allow “wikipedia” to determine what is truth vs. ‘conspiracy’ on the youtube platform……..

One of the science topics you allowed to be considered in the list of “conspiracy theories” is HAARP + weather modification.

HAARP weather modification is not a conspiracy theory, and I can prove it.

Here are direct links from the US Government / Military which prove at least ONE of the “conspiracy theories” listed on Wikipedia is incorrect , proved by the US military (USAF, and Philips Laboratory), it is not a theory or a “conspiracy”.

I will testify under oath about this topic if necessary.

Indisputable proof of weather modification uses proposed for HAARP here (from USAF website, 1997 ):…

Backup link here:…