VOLCANIC PLUMES in California + Arizona – M5.8 (M6.0) Earthquake in CA

Published on Jan 25th, 2018

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Big problem here. I made all 2,000+ of my videos private due to a huge attack by paid thumbs down ……I decided to wait a day and make all my videos public after the attack seemed to end.

As I was making my videos public, the AI for youtube began automatically flagging multiple videos which were ALREADY approved for monetization, including multiple videos which have been up (and monetized) for several years.

Making videos private, and then making them public again is drawing the AI flagging bot — the bot is then flagging videos which are already approved, and some which are very old with hundreds of thousands of views.

Summed up , I was under attack by people who hired thumbs down to attack my videos — I put all my videos into private to avoid the attack — I then made all my videos public after the attack seemed to be over….. after making the videos public again, YOUTUBE’S AI BOT ATTACKED multiple videos as “not advertiser friendly” even though they were already approved and indeed “friendly”.

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