No Joke Janice Episode 25 – Feminists Colonize the Montreal Massacre

As some viewers have mentioned, Marc Lepine was born Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi. He was the son of Algerian immigrant Rachid Liass Gharbi. “Lépine was born in Montreal, the son of Canadian nurse Monique Lépine, and Algerian businessman Rachid Gharbi. Gharbi was abusive and contemptuous of women, and left the relationship when Marc was 7, after Monique returned to nursing to support her children. Lépine and his younger sister lived with other families, seeing their mother on weekends. Lépine was considered bright but withdrawn, and had difficulties with peer and family relationships. He legally changed his name to Marc Lépine at the age of 14 giving “hatred of his father” as the reason.”
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had been asked several times what I wanted to do on my 60th birthday. Eventually I realized, why not host a Livestream to hang out with a few of the people I admire most in this field of anti-feminism since this has been the most personally rewarding work experience of my life. The conversation can go anywhere. Please join us Also: (Studio Brule) – Why Are Women Unhappy – The Fiamengo File Episode 109

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