Busted! Not Once, Twice! Colombian Operatives Caused Power Failures In Venezuela

Published on Oct 16th, 2018 – Florida Marquis

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Google Earth **PRO** Must use Historical Imagery Layering…..

All Sections run E-W (90-270)

Cable 15 70°15’29.97″S 160° 2’58.96″E
15km parallel south you find:
Cable 16 70°23’36.40″S 160° 3’18.99″E
15km parallel south you find
Cable 17 70°31’42.84″S 160° 3’20.44″E
45 km parallel south you find
Cable 18 70°57’8.65″S 160° 3’17.36″E
30 km parallel south you find
Cable 19 71°16’5.61″S 160°34’33.8

Book Reference is here:https://books.google.com/books?id=P8u…