Global Unrest Is On The Brink – Prepare For The Defense of Life Now

There are civil and social disasters taking place across our planet this very hour. From civil unrest, 65 million people displaced from there homes due to fear or calamity, or social and governmental issue, millions of people around our planet are realizing that their own personal security depends on their own ability to defend their lives during uncertain times. There are many ways that you can defend yourself. From batons and pepper spray to security alerts and other tools of defense. Finding the tool that is right for you is one of the most important things that you can do while preparing for an escalation of global issues. Talk with local police, the sheriff, your local courts… Find our what you can do and what crime and violence is like in your area.

Special thank you to Dayv Carter for creating the music used in the introduction and to my lovely wife Kelley for the video 🙂