Trump Grabs the Mic and EXPOSES EXACTLY Who is Behind The Ilegal Caravan Invasion – BOOM!

Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump held a sold-out rally on Monday night with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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Morgan Chalfant for the Hill reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin told White House national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday that he wants another face-to-face meeting with President Trump as soon as next month, according to Reuters.

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, The latest Republican Party midterm ad highlights the increasing violence of the Democrat Party.

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, Promises made, promises kept. President Trump announced a 10% tax cut for the middle class Monday evening from the massive rally in Houston, Texas.

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, Barack Obama continued to campaign against Republicans on Monday.

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Brian Schwartz for CNBC reports, Chinese government leaders have a message for American investors: They’re not afraid of a trade war with the United States.