Whistleblowers CONVICT Clintons in DAMNING Testimony – Congress STUNNED, Prison is NEXT

Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, The House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations held a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday on the Clinton Foundation. Mark Meadows (R-NC), the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Operations, led the hearing Thursday — special prosecutor John Huber was a NO-SHOW.

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, On Friday morning Hillary Clinton responded to a court order forced by Judicial Watch to answer more questions about the setting up of her private server.

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, Hillary Clinton arrived in Udaipur with her date Huma Abedin over the weekend for Isha Ambani’s pre-wedding party.

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Cristina Laila for the Gateway Pundit reports, New York federal prosecutors are now investigating Trump’s inauguration spending. Then-President elect Donald Trump received $107 million in donations to his inaugural committee and now the feds are launching a fishing expedition to see if the funds were misspent.

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Lauren Fischer for CNBC reports, Apple recovered from earlier losses Monday after a Chinese court banned the import and sale of most iPhone models in the country as part of an injunction. The stock fell as much as 3 percent, but ended the day up 0.7 percent. Qualcomm requested the injunction for alleged patent violations and announced the news in a statement Monday morning.