Brother Nathanael & the Patrick Little, Tom Steyer Election Conspiracy

Published on Oct 31st, 2018 – GDL United

Tom Steyer/Patrick Little 2020 Make America Great Again
Real Solutions Come From Outside the Box
Honest Hillary Music Video:…

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Just found this chanel, Alan Watt is Excellent and Reminds me of thinking Legend Alan Watts Who Wrote my Favorite Book:…
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Fake News/the System in General is Designed to Keep us Watching
Lets Put Down the Devices and Act on Real World Solutions.
Brendon’s New Video:…

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We know their Agenda.
But what is ours?
Insight, Unite, & Bring Others to the Fight!

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We must Employ solutions to maximize outreach.
Solutions to Free Ourselves from Dependence on the System.
Goy Gone Wild’s Hillary-ee-us Alex Jones Video:…