Larry Summers: Pax Judaica Requires US-China World War

Pax Judaica requires Pax Americana’s Fall, Are we witnessing the move toward global war or just slow burn implementation of the kill grid, could it be a mix?

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GDL United

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Love and Shame are among our most powerful weapons, lets deploy them strategically!

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We know who we are, who they are, what they are doing, and what we must do in order to effectively resist evil to save Humanity.

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Straight from the horses mouth, we’ve been under attack, the infiltration, subversion, and destruction is almost at its logical end, what side will you fall on?

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All of them spout the Hegelian Dialectic Game Theory Propaganda! Shocker I know…Good news is we are starting to look to each other for information, was this fire catches, the world can be freed.

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CJB helped wake me up with his site stopcg.wordpress but as our brother shows, he has sold out..
Jew-wise Missionary is an OG of the movement and has some good insights on this topic and moving forward with unity in General, check out his channel!…

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Joseph Of Talpiot Talk Shows the True Hand Behind Russia.