Galloway on (Il)legal Israeli settlements: ‘It only leaves endless war’

It only leaves endless war, as long as I’m alive, as long as you’re alive, as long as our children are alive’: George Galloway on Kushner peace plan, Golan Heights and US policy towards Israeli Settlements See Also: (George Galloway) – The Mother Of All Talkshows – Episode 23

Joining us on the show today is Caleb Maupin – speaker, writer & political analyst to talk about the latest on US election. Tom McGregor – Panvew Commentator and Editor at CCTV will tell us about the latest on China and Hong Kong. GP and filmmaker Dr Bob Gill will talk to George about his documentary “The Great NHS Heist” and compare UK and US health systems. He’ll also answer the question: is UK selling out the NHS? Also, Adam Garrie will be available for your questions in the last hour.