3 Federal Reserve Secrets You’ve NEVER HEARD! (#2 Is Mind Blowing)

Federal Reserve intel 👉 YOU NEED TO PREPARE for future of the economy. 👈 We all know the Federal Reserve has come out with QE infinity and all the 4 letter, alphabet soup programs, but the reasons will shock you. We’re also led to believe that the Federal Reserve has things under control, especially the EFF or Effective Fed Funds Rate. This is their benchmark rate we all hear about in the news. When the Fed “raises or lowers rates” that’s the interest rate they’re referring to. But the Federal Reserve has secrets they don’t want you to know. One of which is they really don’t control the EFF. If you pull back the curtain (like we do in the video) you’ll see the Effective Fed Funds Rate is anything but calm and stable. If you’re interested in the Federal Reserve, central banks, inflation, the US dollar, gold, silver or bitcoin THIS IS FOR YOU!! In this Federal Reserve video I discuss the following:

1. How the Fed can’t let interest rates go above a certain level.

2. The Fed really doesn’t control the Fed Funds Rate.

3. The Fed has no choice but to implement “money printing infinity”

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