Federal Reserve Balance Sheet Explodes! Why Is Dollar Up/Gold Down?

Federal Reserve is turning Japanese, 👉 WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? 👈 Today the Federal Reserve announced they’d start doing 125 billion of QE PER DAY!!! That’s not a typo, the Federal Reserve is buying 125 billion of treasuries and MBS’s per day. They’re saying it’s just for the next week but QE1 back in 2008 was only supposed to last a few months!! The Federal Reserve has totally lost control but how is the US dollar higher and how has gold gone down? In a time when the Federal Reserve is taking their balance sheet to infinity and beyond the US dollar should be collapsing and gold should be skyrocketing! In this video I’ll answer those questions for you! In this Federal Reserve, US dollar, Gold video I discuss the following:

1. Why gold has gone down despite Federal Reserve printing money.

2. Why dollar has risen despite the Federal Reserve printing money.

3. Can the Federal Reserve solve the problem? (If only temporarily)