Stagflation: Misery Index Set To EXPLODE! (How To Invest)

Stagflation could be the future, 👉 HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW! 👈The Federal Reserve and the government are printing limitless amounts of currency units and injecting them directly into the economy. This is much different than the last financial crisis in 2008, where only reserves were created (they’re dollars but not as usable, think of them as dollar tokens you can only use at Dave and Busters instead of actual dollars you can spend in the economy). Keep in mind this MMT style helicopter money is happening at the same time the supply of goods and services could be decreasing due to DE GLOBALIZATION and more government intrusion into the economy. In fact, now with all the bailouts the government could own a lot of the debt and equity of huge corporations on the S&P 500, in fact, the could have a majority ownership. This essentially means the government would own the means of production, pure socialism. As crazy, and frightening as that maybe, we need to prepare and know how to invest so we can continue to build wealth and thrive regardless of circumstances.

In this STAGFLATION INVESTING video I discuss the following.

1. Comparing now to the inflation of the 1970’s

2. Comparing unemployment rate in the months to come to historical

times and looking at the “misery index”

3. What investment strategies I’m considering and why.

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BRENT JOHNSON 👉 REVEALS INSIGHTS FOR 2020 RECESSION 👈Brent Johnson has a huge following, and for good reason. He’s one of the sharpest minds in finance and macro today. Brent Johnson is also featured consistently on Macro Voices AND Real Vision. The Brent Johnson “dollar milkshake” theory is very well known and I had the pleasure of interviewing him to get his opinion on the insanity in markets right now, along with the federal reserves unprecedented intervention. And of course, we discuss the future of the dollar!!