China Up, Dollar Down, New World Disorder

Gerald Celente – Streamed live on Dec 17th, 2020
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Also: (Gerald Celente) – GoFundMe for our friends: “Arrested for Shopping Without a Mask”

Meet Paula Gloria and Joe Barton, longtime residents of Woodstock, NY.

In November, they were arrested at a local health food store for shopping without a mask, despite both having medical disabilities and being exempt as per Governor Cuomo’s rules. We want all charges against them dropped.

With the case still in the courts, it is with great sadness that Paula passed away from natural causes earlier this month.

The funds raised in their GoFundMe will cover legal costs as well as to help Joe get back on his feet from the devastating loss of Paula, his beloved wife of many years.

It will also help to bring media attention to the issue of how governments are robbing us all of our Freedoms and Constitutional and Bill of Rights.

Please donate what you can to their GoFundMe:

Thank you and Buon Natale,

Gerald Celente