Alex Jones’ Side of the Story

Am I endorsing Alex Jones here? No. Do I agree with everything he says? Not by a long shot. Do I support the WAY in which he comes across sometimes? Absolutely not.

But…I do NOT think he should be SILENCED just because people are offended by what he says or believe him to be a propagator of so-called “fake news.” There is room in the marketplace of ideas for EVERY VOICE. IF you don’t like a certain voice…stop listening. Don’t gather up a force to get voices banned. This is ridiculous. Only a fool would entertain the thought the the sword of censorship won’t swing both ways – because it WILL.

As much as I disagree with CNN or ABC or CBS…I would never want them silenced. Truth fears NO SCRUTINY. If your ideas are sound, they will stand. If they are unsound, they will fall. And yes, unsound, foolish and false ideas are constantly being believed by the gullible masses…we see it every day with the non-critically thinking followers of MSM….but I STILL don’t want them banned.

The big picture is that YouTube, Facebook, Apple and Spotify told MILLIONS of Jones’ subscribers “EFF YOU! You wanna see Jones’ content? Too bad. We will control the content WE ALLOW YOU TO CONSUME.”

No thank you!! Give me liberty or give me death. Don’t try to “protect” me with censorship!