Are You a Church Member in the Cult of Personality???

I lost sleep over the comments on that last video. Why? Because I was disheartened to find that MANY people are STILL entrenched in this idea of defending a personality (even one who routinely acts immorally) rather than defending rock-solid, timeless principles…while condemning people on the OTHER side for doing the same dang thing!

Positioning oneself in a position supporting ANY personality, paints one into a corner of hypocrisy, inconsistency and immorality…EVERY time. Staying in the cult of personality GUARANTEES widespread division, which is EXACTLY what your masters want. Because they CAN’T rule you when you stand on principle. They can ONLY rule you when you take the side of THEIR puppets. Doesn’t matter the flavor, doesn’t matter the gender, statism (or authoritarianism…or the RIGHT to rule) is and will always be an IMMORAL fiction.

If I don’t have the MORAL RIGHT to RULE you and YOU don’t have the MORAL RIGHT to RULE me, then how can we delegate to another group (congress, the president, whoever) a “right” that we DON’T have. And if we CAN’T do that very simple thing, why are we acting like they have the right to rule us and we have the MORAL OBLIGATION to OBEY THEM??? (I say “moral” because if you DON’T obey them, the state views that as a “sin” punishable by fine, imprisonment or BOTH…or sometimes DEATH!

Once we get this out of our minds (this idea that ANYONE has the right to rule us and that we MUST OBEY) we will no longer send our sons and daughters to fight immoral wars of initiated aggression; we will no longer allow ourselves to be stolen from through the extortion practice called “taxation;” there will no longer be an incarceration-intending “drug war” (which is REALLY a war on peaceful people)…and on and on I could write.

And I believe reason, logic, truth and LOVE will seep into the hearts of those who are still RIGHT-flavored statists and LEFT-flavored statists.

I love all you guys…that is why I spend hours and hours every single day doing what I’m doing. Peace to all of you and your families.