Democrat-Ripping Cartoon Shows No Freakin’ Mercy

High Impact Flix – November 14th, 2019
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Hearings began TODAY (Nov. 13,2019) on Capitol Hill as corrupt “law”makers consider whether to impeach Trump for what Democrats say was “an effort to use the power of his office for political gain.” — As if no president has ever done that. SO RIDICULOUS! The GREATER issue here is the BILLION bucks in Biden’s quid pro quo and Trump’s $400 MILLION to Ukraine. But nobody seems to wanna talk about the financial RAPING of the American taxpayer. What insanity!! Also: (HIF) – HUGE NEWS! Oklahoma to Say “EFF YOU” to Federal Red Flag Laws!!!

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Also: (HIF) – Watch ABC & Amy Robach Slither out of Project Veritas’ Exposure Video

Well…well…well Amy Robach says that the Virginia Roberts interview didn’t meet ABC’s standards…so they decided NOT to air ANY of it! But airing a video of a Kentucky Gun show, declaring it to be a “slaughter in Syria,” DID meet their “standards.” Got it! I love it when they dig their hole even deeper! Also: (HIF) – UNREAL! CNN Caught Still Covering for ABC as Exposure Goes VIRAL!!

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Also: (HIF) – “You’re BullSh*t Beto!” – Angry Pro-Gun Woman Confronts Beto!

On October 30th, then Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was in Newtown CT discussing gun-grabbing – a topic all too familiar for the community following the 2012 S.H. sh**ting. This woman stood, in the midst of a room full of Beta-Male Sympathizers, to deliver her scathing words of condemnation. Thought you guys might enjoying hearing, at least partially, the voice of sanity (minus the Trump endorsement, that Trump’s “saving the world,” of course). Also: (HIF) – Problem – Reaction – Solution

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