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Brian Young from High Impact Vlogs/Flix and Tom Lacovara-Stewart sit down to cover some hard hitting truth.

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Here we see a teacher fired for not calling someone by their “preferred pronoun” by accident. And now we see progressives have no problem not only telling us what we can not say, but what we must. This is Cultural Marxist based ideology.


Also: (RTR Truth Media) – GUNS ARE GOOD – A Case of Natural Selection the MSM Won’t Talk About

This is the moment when off-duty police officer Katia da Silva Sastre shot a gunman at point-blank range as he tried to kidnap a child at gunpoint at her son’s school in Brazil. Without Katia carrying a gun that day the child would have been taken.

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Also: (RTR Truth Media) – #KidsLives4Cash – Parkland Shooting – Following the Money

In a massive Communitarian/Marxist based redistribution of wealth scheme the PROMISE Federal Grant program lead to the ordering of officers to suppress crime stats and not make arrests for “marginalized students”. Then when all the signs were there and the Parkland Shooting happened instead of taking responsibility they used the event to push gun control. There are many issues with the official story as it is, I sought to leave that to others and to “follow the money” and I found a huge scandal.
#GunControl #HegelianDialectics #Communitarianism

Also: (RTR Truth Media) – ISRAELIFICATION of COPS BACKFIRES as they ATTACK Undercover Cop

St. Louis Cops Giddily Planned to Beat Protesters but Unwittingly Beat an Undercover Cop. Now They’re Indicted. Guess where St. Louis leadership and many officers trained?
#StLouis #PoliceState #Israel