Hitler was a “Noble Wolf” and WW2 ISN’T Technically Over?!?

My research has led me to conclude that Hitler was villainized by “the Allies” in many ways. The Treaty of Versailles was a pivotal point with regard to igniting the fires of war. But sanctions always serve as an act of provocation to war. And the Treaty of Versailles laid a HEAVE burden on the German people. (TGSNT, is quite an interesting documentary)

At the same time, Hitler, like FDR, Stalin and Churchill was a puppet, dangling from the string of the banking elite who, like now, played both sides of the chess board.

By Hitler’s own admission, he was dictatorial. He was an authoritarian who believed that a certain class of people had the MORAL RIGHT to rule others and that the people had the MORAL OBLIGATION to obey. THAT is a lie. This is the same twisted philosophy held by FDR, Stalin and Churchill (and virtually every world leader). It is the position of immorality. So, Hitler (villainized or not) was no different than a Bush, a Clinton or an Obama. If you have a differing opinion, I’d like to hear it.