How Does This Make Any Freakin’ Sense?!?

High Impact Flix – October 9th, 2019
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It’s dishonest for MSM to be silent about this…but there’s definitely a reason. The internet allows for front row seating under the Big-Top! We won’t even mention the Ukrainian subsidies for Pelosi and Saudi subsidies for Schumer. What hypocrites! Also: (HIF) – Witness Against Amber Guyger Shot to Death After Testimony (Cui bono)

Also: (HIF) – NWO Damage Control: SCARY Cover-Up Behind the Impeachment

To find out who’s in control…never mind finding out who you’re not allowed to criticize. The Money Masters could care less if you criticize them. All you have to do is find out who DOESN’T want the “sacred” election process interfered with. Also: (HIF) – ALERT! November 3rd Predictive Programming “Event” in Seattle WA?

I’m NOT saying this is GOING to happen and I’m NOT saying it won’t happen. This was a highly requested video and this is my summary and understanding at this point from the work of Kochen Mit Willi. I don’t think I would have arrived at his conclusion and am not convinced either way on the issue. Having said that…the symbolism they pack into TV shows, Movies, commercials, magazines and comic books is interesting. Also: (HIF) – I Can’t Believe Michael Moore Said This to Greta Thunberg on Live TV!

The practical capitalist, vocal socialist hypocrite revealed a LOT what he said what he said about Thunberg. Makes you wonder about the details of really what’s going on. We know the end goal…but the specifics surrounding that goal are probably so sinister we can’t even imagine it. Please share! Also: (HIF) – Christian Doctor FIRED for Refusing to Bow to the Transgender Mob

Also: (HIF) – BREAKING RED ALERT!! HUGE DANGER SITUATION for 800k Californians!!

I really hope you guys in California stay vigilant. This may not end well for a lot of people. Also: (HIF) – Damning Reports Pour in from Angry Californians During PG&E Outage Scam

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