Hypocritical CNN CALLS OUT QAnon Demonstrators at Trump Rally

CNN (and MSM in general) is fake news. I’ll demonstrate THAT assertion with specific examples in my next video. In THIS video I want to demonstrate the importance of keeping an impartial posture when viewing FAKE NEWS outlets as they “call out” so-called “conspiracy theorists.” The biased stand MSM takes is clear and the discounting of actual conspiracy FACTS and throwing them ALL into the waste bin through villainization techniques, is just another example of how corporate media deceptively operates – and why so many follow them.

You guys already know what I think about Q and the “trust the plan” that there are “good guys” in the government helping to overthrow the “bad guys” in the “deep state”” idea. “Trust the Plan,” in the context Q presents it, equals trust agents of government. That is exactly the plan of the elites and the message of MSM. There may be some small variations and added layers of deception with the dog and pony show theatrics, but when you boil it all down, Q and his plan rests on a statist/authoritarian ideology.

As for this CNN segment..I have no doubt that they cherry-picked the interviews they ended up broadcasting.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.