The “INSANE” Things THIS Guy Says at March Against Our Rights Pt. 6

Gun Owners of America ABSOLUTELY does NOT compromise on individual rights! We all need to UNITED against the powers that be. Divided we fall, right?

I can’t think of a better organization to UNITE with than GunOwners of American. They ARE the REAL DEAL!

GOA knows what the heck is going on and are working every day to protect all of our rights. When you check them out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, tell ’em HighImpactFlix sent you. If you are interested in me interviewing Erick in the future…lemme know…and…Let Gun Owners of America know.

***Let’s see if we can get them a couple new subscribers to their channel, facebook page and twitter account today. They definitely deserve it. It would be awesome to see them over-shadow the Individual Rights-Trampling NRA.

Let’s BLITZ Gun Owners of America with support.
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