Proof Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who is America?” is an ELITIST PSYOP Hidden in Plain Sight!

This is HIDDEN and IN-YOUR-FACE all at the same time.

Flaunting their seemingly absolute power in our faces is exactly how elitist puppet-masters show their subjects that it is THEY who are in control of government, in control of media, in control of our monetary system and in control of most of the minds that view their social engineered programming!

The more I study these videos, the more I’m seeing manipulation and mind control at work in these political puppets. Who the hell says and does the kinds of things these people are saying and doing on camera?!? There’s almost no other explanation for it. While Leftist authoritarians laugh, the joke is really on them for not recognizing the iron hand if Israeli power behind (and in front of) the scenes….or maybe they know, but they’re too scared to speak out. Thoughts?