Shocking Admission! Police Union Prez says: Cops are TRAINED to Murder

This is a direct quote from Nate Gafvert, president of the Mesa police union in regard to Daniel Shaver’s murder:

“We believe Mitch Brailsford acted as he was TRAINED to do, as ALL police officers are TRAINED to do.” Folks, in light of this case THAT is an admission of intent to commit crimes upon people police “claim” to be “protecting and serving.”

Here’s is the Mesa Arizona Police department information in case you wanna let them know what you think about them: Address: 130 N Robson, Mesa, AZ 85201 Phone: (480) 644-2211


*** Here’s the LA Times Video:… One way to protect yourself from the violence of police interaction is with a dashcam. I did a LOT of research this one is the BEST I’ve found in terms of price and quality: