Professional Shooter, Dianna Muller confronted gun-grabbers in Congress and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that she would NOT submit to or comply with any gun ban they threw at her; Further demonstrating that, yet another woman has more balls than any “man” in government.
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You’re FOR life, liberty, property and happiness or you aren’t. You’re AGAINST all forms of tyranny and oppression or you’re not. There’s no in between. Pick a side. If you want to see a debate between Brandon and myself…let him know in the comments of the video link below. Liberty and truth are ALWAYS worth fighting for! Also: (HIF) – ALARMING 2020 DEM Gun “Safety” Forum: Watch How BAD This is Gets?!?

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Thanks to everyone who called my attention to the utter hypocrisy this woman displays. While what Amy Swearer said in my last video was, for the most part, consistent with principles of liberty (there were some errors, but the gun facts were right on the money), NO ONE is immune from criticism! Duplicitous people CAN (and do) say right-sounding words in order to beguile people. However, just because your enemy (and she IS definitely an enemy of truth and freedom) utters “liberty-loving” words and can wear the mask of a friend…doesn’t mean they’re NOT your enemy. RED FLAG LAWS are absolutely EVIL! Please share this video. Also: (HIF) – HOLY COW! Bad A$$ Woman DESTROYS Anti-Gun Dems in Hearing

Amy Swearer is a frickin’ “MAN-EATER” as she devours the out-right lies of gun-grabbing psychopaths! This is probably the BEST, CALMEST, MOST SUCCINCT dismantling of anti-gunner’s arguments I’ve seen to date! Please share this video! Also: (HIF) – FAIL ALERT! Hilarious Compilation of Unbelievable Stupidity & Insanity

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