The Last Hillary C Video You’ll Ever Need to See!! (Impeachment Version)

High Impact Flix – The hypocrisy of this person knows NO BOUNDS!
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Slight of hand is exactly what this is. There is no morality in “law.” In fact, all man-made law is evil because it destroys freedom. Democratic teaching says that as soon as the “legal” voting block (congress) approves a “law,” it is right and proper to enFORCE and inflict it upon the people. Why should the destruction of YOUR freedom be acceptable just because someone else says so? Does evil become righteous when more people desire it? Would evil be righteous if ALL people desired it? Tyranny by ONE king is the same as tyranny by a HUNDRED MILLION kings. It is the nature of compulsion in law that is evil; HOW the law is achieved is meaningless. Also: (HIF) – Which Frickin Psycho Puppet Isn’t Impeachable!

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Candice appears to be a smart cookie who knows her stuff. She has her talking points down, I’ll give her that. With EASE, she obliterate the arguments of pretty much every democrat she comes up against. But she’s stuck in the mud when it comes to calling out the REAL evils that befall EVERY American…not just blacks. And the sad part is that the “mud” she’s stuck in is the SAME mud the Dems are stuck in…they just happen to be in different ditches on the SAME road, heading in the SAME direction. Also: (HIF) – MUST SEE! Corporate Media-Approved EXPLOITATION of Kids Around the World

It’s disgusting to see these kids being exalted and exploited by government and state-sponsored media outlets for political purposes. Think about this: CHILDREN are being used to emotionally manipulated the masses into begging the earth-polluting, human jeopardizing governments of the world to steal more of our wealth (which they’ll waste, of course) and strip us of more of our freedoms..all in the name of “saving the planet,” which that SAME government plays a bigger part in destroying than any other entity. The magnitude of the hypocrisy and evil is too sinister to properly articulate. Please share this video with everybody you know. Also: (HIF) – The Video Every Environ-MENTAL-ist Needs to See!

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