Ultimate Valentine’s “PROPAGANDA” Vid LEFTISTS Don’t Want Women to See!

The reason I say “Valentine’s “Propaganda” vid” is probably obvious to many of you, but NOT so obvious to some. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about LOVE. LOVING a person is about wanting the absolute BEST for them and their well-being. Can you think of a more loving gesture than empowering and equipping the woman you love (to the fullest extent possible) by giving her a firearm and showing her how to proficiently use it? In times of trouble…sure, she could call for help that will never arrive in time or she could try to scream and claw her way out of a desperate and deadly situation….but her chances of making it out of such a horrible scene without being raped, beaten or killed isn’t very high at all. BUT…if he she had a firearm and was familiar with it’s use….the odds tip VERY MUCH in her favor! What could be MORE LOVING? Thoughts?

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WARNING and CONTEXT: This video has graphic language and violence…and is to be taken as an educational and informative analysis on what has been happening around the country in regard to police encounters. This is a PUBLIC SERVICE-oriented video. On July 27, 2017, Johnny Wheatcroft was a passenger in a silver Ford Taurus when a pair of Glendale police officers pulled in front of the car in a Motel 6 parking lot. The stop was for an alleged turn signal violation. Minutes later, Wheatcroft was handcuffed, lying face down on the hot asphalt on a 108-degree day. He’d already been tased 10 times, with one officer kneeling on his back as another, Officer Matt Schneider, kicked him in the groin and pulled down his athletic shorts to tase him a final time in his testicles, according to records and body camera footage first obtained by ABC15. Raw video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jckr9…