Watch What Happens When I Look Up a So-Called “False Flag” on YouTube

High Impact Flix – Published on Apr 6th, 2019 – IMO, Max Igan is a reliable watchman with some sound analysis. Consider supporting his channels and work. If you go over there, tell him HIF sent ya.
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If a REAL Crime is committed, which just so happens to coincide with breaking a so-called “law,” (like, if you assaulted someone or stole someone’s property), this does NOT validate the so-called “law.” The man-made “law,” at that point, becomes a useless redundancy. In other words, assaulting a person or stealing their stuff is a crime, PERIOD. It doesn’t matter if there is a codified “law” stating it to be so or not. Such nonsense would be like politicians getting together and saying, “2 + 2 equals 4, because we say so.” You’d be like, “Uh….no…2 + 2 = 4 just because it does…NOT because you say so.”

Conversely, if the politicians got together and wrote a law stating, “2 + 2 Now equals 5…and anyone who says it DOESN’T equal 5 will be counted as CRIMINALS and will be fined and imprisoned.” Everybody can clearly see this for the nonsense that it is. But… because the MAJORITY doesn’t want to be looked at with disfavor by the so-called “authorities,” most will start saying that “2 + 2 equals 5…” if for no other reason than to escape the punishment of the state… PLUS…nobody want’s to be thought of as a “criminal” in the eyes of the duped society who can’t bring themselves to tell the King that he has no clothes.

The bottom line is that you have NOT committed a crime and you are NOT a criminal simply because someone merely SAYS you are. This is HYPER-DELUSIONAL thinking. Please share this video and let’s help wake people up from the delusion that keeps us all cemented in our slavery to the state. Also: (HIF) – WTF!?! Universal Basic Income: The GLARING THING Everybody Misses!

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