How Unfair is This?

I Allegedly – There are power companies that want to solicit recommendations to have a flat rate power fee based on your income. How unfair is this? This will make the entire system right for fraud.
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It is crazy that we are seeing massive price increases for retailers. Costco has some items that are up as much as 50%. We are seeing retail sales Collabs and prices skyrocket

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As we look at all the real estate transactions, we learned that so many lately have been cash. Almost 1/3 of all true real estate transactions have been paid for by cash

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Banks are having a real problems. The Credit Suisse and UBS bank merger is in trouble. Regulators have rejected this.

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When you have an A+ office building go with a 36% loss does that concern you? It concerns me with the economy. Blackstone just sold two office towers in orange county California for a huge loss. Plus today we’re going to take a little tour through Whole Foods.