18 Billion Is Not Enough To Fund A Communist Revolution In The US

With George Soro’s ANTIFA revolution failing, Darin McBreen and Alex Jones break down how 18 billion dollars is not enough money to fund a communist revolution in the United States of America.

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Shane Steiner and Alex Jones correspond with reporters in the field to expose the ANTIFA demonstrations across the America as the failed duds they truly are.

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Alex Jones joins the Nov 4th broadcast to watch in real time as ANTIFA and Soros suffer a major FAIL.

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Lee Ann McAdoo and Rob Dew report live on the November 4th ANTIFA protests as Infowars reporters in the field relay footage and commentary from the heart of their “resistance” movement.

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The entire Austin, TX Refuse Fascism “revolution” caught on video. Warning: If you blink you might miss the Lone Unicorn.

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