Conspiracy To Defend Harvey Weinstein And Other Hollywood Perverts Exposed

Michael Malice joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down the conspiracy of Hollywood elite who gathered in the wake of pervert gate to defend the biggest sexual abuser of all: Harvey Weinstein.

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British actress Kadian Noble said at a press conference in Manhattan that she had met her abuser, Weinstein, in 2014 at an event in London through Oprah who was, “swinging off his arm.”

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What movies and stars won awards at the Golden Globes last night? No one is even reporting it. It’s no longer about film, but about “President Oprah”, the hypocrisy of, and recycled feminism & identity politics. David Knight reports on the fraud of the “award ceremony” and reveals the “Hollywood Foreign Press” that runs it. Time’s Up for the Handmaids of Harveywood.