David Hogg Thanks Infowars on CNN

Alex Jones shows a clip of Parkland Florida student David Hogg on CNN thanking “conspiracy theorists” after the network attacked and accused Infowars of “bullying”.

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Alex Jones breaks down the ongoing battle for free speech against the authoritarian tech giants and mainstream media, as YouTube removes Infowars videos about the Parkland shooting.

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Is getting to the bottom of the sloppy details surrounding the FBI’s missteps, the Broward County Sheriff’s department’s cowardice, and the politicization propaganda wielded on the victims and the American narrative too much to ask? Alex Jones continues to ask questions that the shackled media will not touch with a ten foot pole. Even if their future integrity depends on it.

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Alex Jones issues a RED ALERT and sounds the alarms to patriots across the United States and the world that Infowars.com is under hack-attack by democrat organizations that wish to silence us.